1 Tonner LDV

An additional suspension system is specifically designed for the 1-tonner torsion bar LDV’s to enhance their handling and loading capacity and to minimize the maintenance of the front and rear suspension. The system is an addition to the standard suspension of the vehicle. During the development phase of the system, extensive durability tests were conducted (after fitment to a vehicle) and the positive results obtained were most impressive.

The front suspension is thus controlled by shock absorber, coil and torsion bar, which reduce the working temperature of the shock absorber with the results that the shock absorber reacts more effectively. The coil spring assembly reduces the load on the torsion bar with the effect that the front end of the bakkie is raised as a result of the fitment of the system. The torsion bar is adjusted to lower the front suspension to maintain the ride height specified by the manufacturer, thus adjustment of the torsion bar is part of the fitting procedure. The now firmer front suspension eliminates the rocking effects, which is experienced whilst travelling over rough terrain. A dramatic reduction in body roll and nose dipping is experienced during braking with the result that the potential locking of the braking system on the rear wheels is reduced. Another advantage of the system is that heavy-duty bush bars and winches can now be fitted as a result of the additional carrying capabilities of the front suspension. Due to the direct action of the shock absorber assembly on the ball joint, the contact between the wheels and the road surface is increasing, which results in improved handling without a reduction in the comfort whilst driving. Improved handling and stability will be experienced on any road condition. The system renders a robust front suspension to the vehicle with more control and driving comfort. The system fits neatly between the wheel and chassis and has no negative effect on the appearance of the vehicle.

The rear suspension is assisted by a high damping shock with a adjustable coil spring. The principal is the same as the front suspension; it lifts the rear of the vehicle +/- 40mm without load. The coil springs enhance the loading capability with between 300kg and 500kg. This is however not designed to increase the loading capacity of the vehicle to more than one ton, but to enable the standard spring pack of the vehicle to handle the one-ton load better. The ride quality of the vehicle improves drastically due to the fact that the vehicle rides practically on a coil spring suspension. The reason for the ride quality is that the impact of the standard suspension is reduced, due to the fact that the Camil suspension creates a bigger gap between the standard blades and the overload blade of the standard spring pack. The system fits neatly on the standard shock mountings of the vehicle.

Keen interest is being experienced amongst farmers, 4×4 enthusiasts and double cab owners. A large number of systems have already been fitted over the last 10 years in the R.S.A. and neighbouring states with positive feedback from satisfied customers.

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