Mondi Forests

Att: Piet Weideman

Report on the Camil Suspension System

Company: Mondi Forests
Vehicle: Isuzu 4×2 Double Cab
Record: Prior to fitting the Camil Suspension system at 36 000kms, I went through 3 sets of front shock absorbers and the wheel alignment had to be reset every 5 000kms.

Current kms: 216 320kms.

Since fitting the Camil Suspension system the vehicle has done over 184 000kms. The wheel alignment problems were eliminated and the standard shock absorbers that were fitted with the Camil Suspension system are still working perfectly.

Given the above track record of my vehicle, I would not hesitate to recommend the Camil Suspension system. An added bonus is the vehicle has much more comfortable and stable ride, no more nose-diving when braking and accelerating.

CA Selzer.
Mondi Forests

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